​​Playoff Brackets

Game Locations


Regular Field


Regular Field


High School Stadium 

*Major Championship Games

*Major Cleburne 1 vs. Crowley in Crowley at 1:00 pm
*Major Waxahachie 2 vs. Whitney in Whitney at 1:00 pm
*Major Midlothian 2 vs. Burleson 2 in Crowley at 2:30 pm

*Major Red Oak 1 vs. Midlothian 1 in Whitney at 2:30 pm

Playoff Schedule Week 2

November 10, 2018

​*Minor Championship Games

*Minor Granbury 2 vs. Crowley in Crowley at 11:30 am
*Minor Whitney vs. Burleson 2 in Whitney at 11:30 am
*Minor Waxahachie 1 vs. Burleson 1 in Granbury at 1:00 pm

*Minor Midlothian 1 vs. Cleburne 1 in Granbury at 2:30 pm

*Bantam Championship Games

*Bantam Midlothian 2 vs. Crowley in Crowley at 10:00 am
*Bantam Cleburne 1 vs. Waxahachie in Granbury at 10:00 am
*Bantam Burleson vs. Midlothian 1 in Whitney at 10:00 am
*Bantam Red Oak vs. Granbury 1 in Granbury at 11:30 am

Second Team Listed is the Home Team for game purposes.
Seating for fans is determined by the Association hosting games.

Brazos Valley Football Association